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Tom Williams
by Tom Williams 14 months ago

To optimise your images you'll need to consider the final size your images will be used at. Photographs should be 300-350dpi at the size you are going to use them. There’s no point taking a postage stamp sized image at 300dpi and then blowing it up to a A4 size. Conversely, photographs at more than 350dpi will have no effect on the actual printed quality and will unnecessarily increase file size and
processing time.

Image settings for best results

  • All images should be converted to CMYK, and then saved as psd TIFF or JPEG files;
  • Photos should be scanned at 300dpi at 100% size;
  • Line-art images should be scanned at 800 to 1200dpi at
    100% size;
  • TIFF and EPS files are saved without any image compression (not JPEG, LZW or ASCII encoded);
  • Any extra alpha channels are removed;
  • Ink coverage below total ink limit.


Photoshop psd files

Adobe Photoshop psd files can be used in your PDF file, but you will need to save the PDF as a version 1.4 PDF or later. If you are saving as a version 1.3 PDF then you will need to flatten the images when your PDF is created.



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